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Elizabeth Delilah Fairweather dies, catastrophically, during her 21st birthday. Her parents, distraught from the loss of their only daughter, have a new, synthetic and immortal, daughter built retaining the mind and memories of their beloved child. But not everything goes according to plan - something went wrong and their new daughter is nothing like they expected.


» I think we all knew this was coming

So yeah. I know I just said I was changing Android to a Monday update, but I'm going to have to change it to "whenever I actually have time" update.

There's been a lot of personal things going on over the last few weeks and as it turns out potential jobs (paying jobs! ILLUSTRATING THINGS!!!) might be coming my way in the very near future. And as much as I hate this, because I love writing comics and I love making comics and having people read my comics, school and jobs come first.

I'll still update from time to time, but not on a schedule. This project is something I do for fun and as a way of stretching my artistic/authorial muscles. Right now it's not fun and it's pretty exhausting to try and do my pages on top of everything else. And the pages have been suffering - I haven't been pleased with most of the last 5-10 pages.

I'd originally set the update schedule as a means of training myself for deadlines - but I have a lot of those, between 5 and 7 every week and probably more in the months to come. I'm sorry that this means the story will be released in a disjointed manner, but I'd much rather release good pages when I can than continuously promising half-assed pages that don't get done anyways.

Thanks to all of you who support Android, even with my horrible update schedule. You're all a bunch of superstars.

» I'm a bad webcomic mom

I am going to continue to be an overworked human who forgot she had a show next week that required several hours of prep and bump ch2 p2 to next Monday.

Sorry for my continued humanity. If only we could all be like Liz and have no limits.

» Schedule change!

Hey guys!

I’m in my 4th week of class and after 3 weeks of my current schedule I think I’m going to mess around with the Android update day. The bulk of my classes are Wed/Thurs making the Wednesday evening update tough (to say the least).

So I’m going to be changing the update day to Mondays after 6. I won’t be updating a page tomorrow. Ch 2 P 2 will be up on Monday June 8th.

This update schedule will stay the same for at least the rest of the summer and may change again come September depending on my classes.

» Exciting news!

Hello my darlings!

I've been waiting to break this news to you. My overly long hiatus has a reason! Starting next week I'll be one of the artists working on a live comic drawing event at the Art Gallery of Ontario! For four weeks (April 15, 22, 29, and May 6) I'll be working on comics based on the life, work, and influences of famous Canadian artist, Emily Carr. If you live in the GTA please come by!

WHERE: AGO, Dundas and Spadina, Toronto CA
WHEN: APR 15, 22, 29, MAY 6 @ 6-8:30

I won't be accessible, we're wearing headphones and hoodies to tune out the crowds, but I'll be the one in the N7 hoodie!

I'll be bringing Android back once this event is done (it overlaps with end of term so the next few weeks are going to be hell followed by a two week comic marathon between semesters).

» Chapter 1 ends tomorrow!

So tomorrow (Mar 18th) will be the final page update for Chapter 1! There will be 1 bonus page posted in the following weeks but aside from that as of tomorrow I'll be on hiatus until the end of term (late April).

I'm really excited to start work on Chapter 2; it has a lot of the plot elements I've been dying to introduce. I want to get working on it but at the same time I have to respect the fact that right now I don't have the time to do it justice. I've felt that many of the pages in the last few weeks have suffered and I'd like to take some time between chapters to figure out a better production schedule and develop the environments more prior to drawing.

The next couple of weeks are going to be super busy for me. I'll still be working on Android stuff, including an edited and expanded Chapter 1 PDF, which I've been working on for the last few months. It will contain all the pages found here as well as some new and edited pages alongside bonus sections. I'm currently aiming to have it launch for the same time as Chapter 2 in either late April or early May.

Thanks so much for reading this little pet-project of mine! I can't wait to show you guys more of the Android world in the coming months!!
See you guys soon,

» Heads up

There's a very high chance that tomorrow (as well as the next few pages, really) will be a few hours to a few days late. I have a lot on my plate this week for my classes and will be under the gun until March when I have a week off. I just finished one of two major assignments due this week but have another major assignment and a bunch of little things left.


EDIT: I'm currently aiming for Saturday for this week's page but there's a good chance I won't be posting until next week. I'm absolutely exhausted right now and have 3 assignments due between now and Friday at 12:30. Wish me luck.

» Chapter one is coming to a close!

There's about a month's worth of comics till it's 100% complete but we're getting close. I'll likely be taking a short 2-3 week break once it's done to 1. spend time planning and building a buffer for chapter 2 and 2. fanatically trying to finish/ get ahead on my school assignments. My program is 4 consecutive semesters meaning I'm in school non-stop between now and next April. I could make due without the buffer while working but it's super difficult to do so right now and will only get worse as the program moves on. I plan to spend weeks between semesters building buffers as well to ensure a consistent schedule.

Ideally I'd actually like to get to 2 pages a week once my programs complete. I'm at the point where I can comfortably draw 2 pages a week without going nuts but lack the time. It'd also be nice for you guys; I know how annoying waiting each week for 1 page can be! Maybe during some of the longer breaks (I think I get a month in August) I can do a twice weekly update or do a couple multiple page updates like I did at Christmas.


» I made a twitter!

Feel free to follow it or check it out for updates and little tidbits about the Android world.

Follow me @ilujesssheridan!

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