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February 9th, 2015, 9:01 pm - Chapter one is coming to a close!

There's about a month's worth of comics till it's 100% complete but we're getting close. I'll likely be taking a short 2-3 week break once it's done to 1. spend time planning and building a buffer for chapter 2 and 2. fanatically trying to finish/ get ahead on my school assignments. My program is 4 consecutive semesters meaning I'm in school non-stop between now and next April. I could make due without the buffer while working but it's super difficult to do so right now and will only get worse as the program moves on. I plan to spend weeks between semesters building buffers as well to ensure a consistent schedule.

Ideally I'd actually like to get to 2 pages a week once my programs complete. I'm at the point where I can comfortably draw 2 pages a week without going nuts but lack the time. It'd also be nice for you guys; I know how annoying waiting each week for 1 page can be! Maybe during some of the longer breaks (I think I get a month in August) I can do a twice weekly update or do a couple multiple page updates like I did at Christmas.



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