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June 15th, 2015, 2:23 pm - I think we all knew this was coming

So yeah. I know I just said I was changing Android to a Monday update, but I'm going to have to change it to "whenever I actually have time" update.

There's been a lot of personal things going on over the last few weeks and as it turns out potential jobs (paying jobs! ILLUSTRATING THINGS!!!) might be coming my way in the very near future. And as much as I hate this, because I love writing comics and I love making comics and having people read my comics, school and jobs come first.

I'll still update from time to time, but not on a schedule. This project is something I do for fun and as a way of stretching my artistic/authorial muscles. Right now it's not fun and it's pretty exhausting to try and do my pages on top of everything else. And the pages have been suffering - I haven't been pleased with most of the last 5-10 pages.

I'd originally set the update schedule as a means of training myself for deadlines - but I have a lot of those, between 5 and 7 every week and probably more in the months to come. I'm sorry that this means the story will be released in a disjointed manner, but I'd much rather release good pages when I can than continuously promising half-assed pages that don't get done anyways.

Thanks to all of you who support Android, even with my horrible update schedule. You're all a bunch of superstars.


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